What is Accounts Receivable Factoring (aka "Factoring")?

Factoring is certainly one of the most powerful financial tools available to small and mid-size business. This is especially true for young businesses in the start-up phase where more typical sources of working capital are denied by traditional
lenders. For such young businesses, factoring not only acts as a mechanism for finance, but it also allows entrepreneurs the ability to separate themselves from their competition and truly grow their small and mid-size businesses at exponential

The true power of factoring is in its simplicity. In its most common forms, it is simply a financing accommodation which once employed, allows your company to grant its customers attractive terms of payment on invoices for services performed
or products delivered. These terms are often 30, 45, or even 60 days and are a welcome accommodation and extension of credit that your competition often cannot match.

Though granting such attractive terms can cripple many small businesses and cause serious cash flow problems, this is not true for those savvy entrepreneurs employing the services of a factor. With factoring, you simply submit your invoices
daily or weekly for an immediate cash advance. Your factor (rather than you) then waits for payment from your customers while you focus on the more important issues, such as generating new customers and business.

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