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Finance for Global Trade

Export-Import Trade Finance can present considerable challenges to America's small and mid-size business owners. Typical export-import transactions may include requirements for letters of credit, purchase order finance, international credit insurance, and international factoring among others. These can often present such difficulties that business owners simply ignore opportunities that can lead to thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue.

International Factoring

International factoring is a fast growing method of finance that is taking the place of many more typical letter of credit transactions. One of the benefits of international factoring transactions is the speed with which they can be put together.....generally within 48 hours. A typical international factoring transaction includes four parts. First:

• The exporter signs a factoring contract with an export factor in its own country. Under the terms of the agreement, the exporter assigns all export receivables to the export factor. The export factor is responsible to the exporter for all aspects of normal factoring service.

• The import factor will establish credit lines for each of the importers. The credit lines will be for a specific amount and terms of sales. The export factor confirms the details of the credit lines to the exporter

• After the exporter ships the goods and sends an invoice to the importer, the import factor handles the collection of the receivable and the prompt payment of the proceeds to the exporter's account at the export factor.

Triangle Funding Group can provide your business with the necessary financing arrangements allowing for both export and import trade. This is primarily arranged through Factors Chain International. Additionally, our relationships with such international credit insurers as Euler ACI, can provide export credit insurance on your shipments in almost any part of the world. 

To be certain, financing export import transactions offers challenges to even the largest and best capitalized companies. Don't walk away from this lucrative profit center for your business simply because of lack of experience. Let the professionals at Triangle Funding Group assist you in your international credit and financing transactions.

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